The Monster Called Suicide
It’s no longer news in Nigeria on the growing rate of suicidal attempts/suicides committed more especially by students which has placed Nigeria as the fifth (5th) country in the world with a high rate of suicidal attempts/ suicides according to a World Health Organization Research published by Spectator Index. In the past, there wasn’t a high level of students involvement in suicidal attempts/suicides but over recent years, there has been a painful rise in the number of students who attempt/ commit suicide ranging from tertiary institution students to people who sat for the UTME as well as Post UTME of which secondary school students aren’t left out as there have been cases of suicidal attempts/ suicides committed by even those in secondary schools.
With the increasing level of suicide on the part of youths one cannot help but wonder if this suicidal attempts are inspired by drug abuse because over the years there has been an increase in the abuse of drugs on the part of youths or is it as a result of the impact of movies on youths where suicide is seen or portrayed as the key to escaping depression or whether it is as a result of the economic recession and the increase in the poverty level in the country; whichever the case may be, suicide has become a thorn in the flesh and a growing menace in the society which has become even deadlier than terrorist attacks.
Suicidal attempts / suicides are borne out of depression of which its victims prior to their committing suicide tend to exhibit suicidal tendencies which may take the form of suicidal notes on social media platforms or in the way they behave as life becomes meaningless to them thereby bringing about loss of interest in certain activities. It is quite lugubrious and appalling that people take to social media platforms to write their suicide notes and many a time people tend to overlook those write-ups often taking them to be jokes. It is quite excruciating to watch people take their own lives as it is now a growing trend to commit suicide on live cam on social media platforms.
Suicide is indeed a monster as it has claimed the lives of many of which it is currently preying on youths/students who are the pillars/future of the country. The families as well as the friends of the suicide victims tend to live with painful memories of losing their loved one(s) to suicide of which the suicide victims do not consider the aftermath of their actions on their families as most times the shock often leads to trauma on the part of the family members which may even cause some family members to commit suicide as well for not being able to live the pain of losing such a person/persons as in some cases the suicide victims are usually the only child or only male child or only female child while in other some other cases, the parents/guardians of the suicide victims often go through hell to pat for the fees of their wards.
In conclusion, the issue of suicide is one that ought to be looked into so as to provide possible solutions/ ways of curbing this fast growing menace. The government ought to incorporate it into the curriculum both in secondary and tertiary institutions as well as organize seminars and also guidance/counselling should be taken very serious. Friends as well as families should try to monitor the psychological state of their ward or friend as such a person may subconsciously exhibit this suicidal tendencies; who knows you might end up saving a life.

Iwuchukwu Christian Ebubechi (m.SRC),
Department of Education/English,

Faculty of Education ,
Abia State University

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