Jesse James the former SUG dir. Of socials joins loom!!!

The former SUG dir of socials in the person of Jesse James has joined the trending online business called LOOM. Some group of students who views his WhatsApp status decided to throw questions on him based on the business, he told them that loom is really paying him well that the business is just like contribution, he went on by showing them the credit alert he receives in the loom business as evidence. These students saw his cash out in the 1k to get 8k, 2k to get 16k, 3k to get 24k, 4k to get 32k and the current 13k to get 104k which he is about completing the cash out. These evidence made these students to believe that the business is really paying and they decided to join immediately now they are jumping up and down because they are already cashing out.

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